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The Judiciary


The Head of the Judiciary in Gibraltar and Chief Justice


The Hon. Mr Justice Dudley



The Puisne Judges and Registrar of the Supreme Court are:

The Hon. Mr. Justice Yeats
The Hon. Mr. Justice Restano
Registrar, Mr. Karl Tonna

The members of the Court of Appeal are:

The Rt. Hon. Sir Maurice Kay

President of the Court of Appeal 

The Rt. Hon. Sir Colin Rimer
The Rt. Hon. Sir Patrick Elias
The Rt. Hon. Sir Nigel Davis
The Rt. Hon. Sir Adrian Fulford

The Magistrates’ Court has a Stipendiary Magistrate, Mr Charles Bonfante, who is also the Coroner.  The Registrar is an Additional Stipendiary Magistrate and Deputy Coroner.  The Chief Executive Ms Hazel Cumbo MBE GMD and the Clerk to the Magistrates' Mr Maurice Turnock are also appointed Deputy Registrars.  Mr Turnock is also appointed Deputy Coroner.  The Chairman of the Justices of the Peace and President of the Gibraltar Magistrates’ Association is Mr Bhart Nagrani.

Roll of the Justices of the Peace

Roll of the Justices of the Peace

Lay Assessors list

Lay Assessors list